Unlike most congregations, we do not have a separate Sunday School program for children. Instead, we work hard to provide families with resources and encouragement to do their children’s primary faith formation in the natural environment of their own homes.

When families are the primary teachers, every child grows in understanding, and every parent grows as well!

The Diocese of West Missouri provides an excellent monthly packet of formation materials to every family and individual who requests it, called, Everything Holy.

And St Albans gives seasonal materials and activity projects to every family as well.

We encourage children to participate in every aspect of community worship and service, and at special times of the year we make intergenerational activities available before or after the 10:30 Eucharist where children and adults learn and create together.

We do “privilege children” and little ones are allowed to wander around, to come up closer, or to sit with their friends during worship. They are not a distraction, but our joy.