St Alban’s Episcopal Church
Bolivar, Missouri

January 30, 2022
How then will we livein the kind of lovethat 1 Corinthians 13 describes?First of all, CAN we? Is it even possible?

In today’s homily I told a story of someone who demonstrated that it can be done – a very ordinary Christian fellow. In fact, it is only ever done by ordinary people. And it is only ordinary people who become saints – people who love relentlessly. And they do it by practice, just as every other skill is learned – basketball or piano. It’s deciding to do it that makes the difference. Not making that choice costs us our authenticity as humans – we end up like clanging cymbals – not genuinely human persons.

Happy 17th Birthday, Olivia Cox!

What does it cost, really?
In a word, everything. But its more expensive not to pay that price. I have been with many people when they were dying and knew that they were. Not ONE ever said, “I loved too much” or “I was too honest,” or “I regret giving my life for something bigger than myself.” But many, may regretted not reconciling with someone, not forgiving an enemy or even a friend, not making a difference to someone to whom they could have made a real difference.



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