St Alban’s Episcopal Church
Bolivar, Missouri
Saturday, May 14, 2022
Fifth Sunday of Easter

Easter egg hunt Full fellowship time
Easter Egg hunt – finally!
As of now, Saturday evening, it looks like we will NOT see any rain tonight, which means that we ought to be able to have our Easter egg hunt immediately after Eucharist tomorrow.
There may be rain or wind in the early afternoon, so we will try to get out there and let the children have their fun before any bad weather arrives.
We have enough baskets for everyone, so they don’t need to bring anything.
It’s fun to do this after kids have kind of forgotten that it is still Easter!

Adult class at 9:30 and Full fellowship time after Eucharist
We have a whole lot of excellent treats for tomorrow – leftover and frozen after the funeral for Lowell Korber this week. Don’t bring¬†anything! There is more than enough of several good varieties – chocolate chip cookies, brownies, lemon bars – You won’t go away hungry.
Lots of “Alleluia” hymns tomorrow – ring those bells, or at least don’t stop your children from ringing theirs! Ordinary time comes all too soon!



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