St Alban’s Episcopal Church
Bolivar, Missouri
Thursday, May 19, 2022

Spring in the Church Yards Cleaning up – Gardening

Becca says that if I have a garbage bag, I will find all kinds of junk to throw away. The fact is, if I have a new, sharp pair of clippers, I see all kinds of stuff that needs to be cut down, cut off, or cut away. If it’s dangling down in the walkway or growing over a bench at the columbarium, I have no qualms about hacking it off. I don’t like the mess. If you can do this pruning stuff better, feel free to interfere! We do have the clippers.
Also, we need to do some hedge trimming and to weed-eat around the little trees so that we can mow more safely and with less risk to the baby trees that are leafing out really well now.

The Sheds
We need to totally empty them of whatever is still inside, and then get the roof skylight repaired when we fix the patio skylights. Then asap we need to get all the gardening equipment inside so we that can reclaim the whole patio for people use.

If we want this later…
The spring has been super wet. We haven’t had much good time to plan, let alone to plant, the garden.
But it is mid-May now. If we want vegetables later, we need to get the ground under the tarp tilled and ready this week or this weekend, and start getting some stuff in the ground. But one person can’t do that alone.

Please contact Ryan Williams if you are interested in helping to get this started now. (427-505-9305). Becca and Mother Cathy are at church nearly every day and will work with watering and weeding as necessary during the week.
We are eager for the kids to be able to plant and watch the growth of, and to harvest easy veggies like bush beans.

News from Cheryl Kruse “Shannon wanted me to make sure I let you know that his surgery is over and his doctor said it went ‘great.’ This is excellent news! Thank you for praying for both of them. We expect them home again for Pentecost!



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