“Fearfully and wonderfully made:” Abortion, Family Planning, and Family Health in a Wholistic Theology of “Life” and “Dignity”

Presented by Marshall C. Johns, Fall 2022

An (overly optimistic?) Outline:
● Who I am
● Christian Ethical Framework(s)
● Realities and Statistics
● Q&A

● As an “individual”
● As a localized community member
● As a national community member
● As a “global” community member

Christian Ethical Framework(s)
● Deontological
● Teleological
● Virtue/Narrative

Realities and Statistics
● Infant Mortality
● Maternal Mortality
● Family Services Stats
● Family Services Stats (2)
● Prevention vs. Reaction
● Oftentimes states that have the most restrictive approaches to abortions are the “extreme negatives” (i.e. leaders in infant and maternal mortality, lowest funding for governmental “family services,” etc.)
● The overwhelming majority of abortions are “early term” and many are medically necessary for the
health of the mother.
● Planned Parenthood Stats
● Abortions by the Numbers
● 90.6% of maltreatment is from one or both parents
● Physical and Sexual abuse
● Two leading risk factors for victims living w/ caretakers: Domestic violence and Substance abuse
● Highest %’s in single parent homes (F ~23%, M ~37%)
● KY DCBS stat sheet
● US DH&HS 2020 Child Maltreatment Report
● US DH&HS 2020 AFCARS Report
● ACEs and their effects
● In KY: ~8700, ~1200 in SBR
● Av. Age of entrance: 7
● Av. time in care: ~25 months (~25% of life)
● ~52% of case goal of reunification w/ av. re-entry into care ~1200 days (~3.33 years) and av. 3 placements
● Per day per child ~$76.65
● Substance use: over 1 of 3 (~34%) as opposed to roughly 1 of 5 (~21%)
● Homelessness: 31-46% before 26; 20-25% within 1st year of exiting care.
● Incarceration: Over 60% once homeless, ~25% in or exiting care
● Suicide: ~4x more likely

Questions And Answers



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