St Alban’s Episcopal Church
Bolivar, Missouri

Sunday, October 30, 2022

All Saints’ Sunday today and the week ahead

Today at  Alban’s  Please come a few minutes early today – There will be markers of various colors on the altar along with a large piece of paper. We want to encourage everyone to write the names of family members or friends that they are remembering today. Today we will also put up the photos of Barbara Chapman and Lowell Korber, both of whom died this year.

After church please stay for a simple, celebrative, All Saints Day lunch. There will be pumpkins to carve or paint for children who’d like to do that –  And some coloring handouts about Hallowe’en, All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day

More News
Beginning tomorrow, November 1, Mother Cathy will be on vacation until November 21.
For those three Sundays, Morning Prayer will be the form of worship – with hymns and homilies preached by three members of the congregation.

On November 6 – Ruth Lewis will preach. Gale Roberts will preach on November 13, and Paula Shepard will preach for Christ the King – the last Sunday before Advent. They are all excellent, thoughtful people, and you will be glad to hear their words. 

Mother Cathy will be available by text or message, (417-399-4671) but you probably won’t get a response instantly! 

The Week Ahead Diocesan Convention, November 4-5
Every year the clergy and elected delegates from each congregation in West Missouri meet together to vote on budgets, to discuss and take counsel together, to elect members of working committees and delegates to the national Convention.

The Episcopal Church is structured so that in every state there is one or more groups of congregations linked together by a bishop – who is elected by that group of churches. That group of properties, clergy and congregations led by a bishop, is called a diocese. We are the Diocese of West Missouri, with headquarters in Kansas City. Our bishop is the Rt. Rev Diane Bruce, whom  you will meet in December. The Diocese of Missouri is across the Missouri River, centered in St Louis. Their Bishop is the Rt. Rev, Deon Johnson, whose daily prayers I often include on our Facebook page. 

Paula Shepard is our delegate to the Convention this year, and will be attending the meetings in Kansas City.

Anyone is welcome to watch the proceedings live on the Diocesan web site. The opening Eucharist will be at 7 pm at Grace and Holy trinity Cathedral. Business session will begin Saturday at 8:30 AM. 
Because it is November, we will change our schedule of study/activity. We will include kids with adults AFTER church, with lunch, for learning and activities together. We usually do this during Advent, but we are beginning sooner this year, to prepare for the Bishop’s visit on December 4

Next Sunday – November 6 What is a bishop, anyway? Why do we need one? Activities for children as well as adults.



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