St Alban’s Episcopal Church
Bolivar, Missouri
Wednesday, December 14, 2022

The week of Advent 3 Share Your Christmas
this week Christmas Eve schedule
Share Your Christmas 2022

On Monday, Becca Cox shopped for items we had not yet received for the 113 children in our age group.

Tuesday, Arielle MorganJanet WrayMother Cathy and Debra Beal filled the bags with the rest of the gifts delivered from the Angel Trees, or donated by St Alban’s members. By noon, three vans, driven by Debra BealLloyd Hensley and Becca Cox each made two trips in the pouring rain to deliver everything to the First Assembly activities building where Mother Cathy organized all the bags and found places for them on the shelves – in order. Today Paula Shepard and Arielle Morgan were ready to start distributing our gifts at 8:00 am – Others continued all day until 6pm, with only a few left for families to pick up tomorrow morning. Thanks to all of you who have helped in any way with this annual Polk County Christmas event. Paula has written a great post about this with a short video, which is on her page and also on the St Albans facebook page.

Setting up your manger scene
If you do arrange the figures of the nativity story – ones you have made, purchased or inherited, I hope a few things for you. I hope you will “play” with them. Let the figures move around. Let children move Mary and Joseph closer to the stable, or the cave, every day. Let the shepherds move around their fields – and the animals, too. Keep the baby hidden for now – He will show up late Christmas Eve…and please let the wise men/magi wait until Jan. 6 to appear! Let children retell the story in their own words – and if they use their imaginations, well and good. And if they can see parallels between what happened then and what happens now — even better.



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