St Alban’s Episcopal Church
Bolivar, Missouri

Friday, December 16, 2022 Las Posadas

Las Posadas(The Inns) For the nine nights between December 16 and December 24, especially in Mexico, but also in the US in New Mexico and California, costumed players, Mary, and Joseph go in procession from house to house – as if each home were an Inn – seeking shelter. Crowds of children and others follow along – Sometimes actors dressed as devils try to keep the innkeepers from welcoming the holy family. Often the entire crowd follows along, singing and carrying candles. For the first 8 nights, every home refuses them. At the end of each night children break star-shaped pinatas – symbols of the star that hung over the manger. On the final night, after being refused at several homes – they are finally welcomed at the parish church, where the Eucharist is celebrated.
If you are playing with your creche set, you might let the children take the Mary and Joseph figures and process form room to room seeking shelter – Other children and parents can be in those rooms, refusing admittance – no matter how earnestly Joseph begs for help – no matter how tired Mary is. It can be pretty entertaining as well as instructive to see what excuses the innkeepers offer.
If you don’t want to do this every night, you can save it for Christmas Eve – especially if the weather prevents us from having service – or if you are out of town.If you do it then, be sure to finally allow them in to rest, and then celebrate with reading the story from Luke – or tell it in your own words – and enjoy some special Christmas treat.



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