St Alban’s Episcopal Church
Bolivar, Missouri

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Last Epiphany

The last Sunday after the Jan 6 feast of Epiphany always includes the story of the transfiguration.
There are so many ways to understand – and to expand our understanding of Jesus.
It is a manifestation of Jesus’ identity – just as the visit by the Magi revealed something about who Jesus is – just as Jesus healing people and teaching and feeding 5,000 or raising a widow’s son from death were “pictures” that revealed Jesus’ identity.
This event, the transfiguration, reveals Jesus as the “Beloved” of God – the one to whom we should listen. The one who is greater than even Moses and the prophets. The one in whom God himself is present.
Ancient theologians also saw this event as a foreshadowing of our own best reality – that we will also one day shine like this – full of glory – transfigured, transformed, changed from one degree of beauty and glory to another.
It matters to consider this before we enter into the darkness and sorrow of Lent – that reminds us of our mortality, that urges us to accept death – and all the little “deaths” that prepare us for our actual physical death. And it also prepares us for the shock and joy of Easter – life on the other side of what looks like terrible loss.
As St Albans enters Lent, and continues to prepare for life after losing a priest and the security that goes along with that, it is good to hear this gospel deeply – All is well, and all WILL be well. The Beloved is still the one whose voice we need to hear.

Bishop’s Warden, Paula Shepard, our bishop’s warden, will lead a second congregational TODAY.
But first we will enjoy a taco lunch. We will have the necessary items available, but if there’s something Mexican you’d like to contribute, please feel free to bring it to share.
Everyone is welcome to stay – and asked to, if possible. We need everyone’s input and perspective.

NEXT WednesdayFebruary 22 – Two services: noon and 7 pm.there will be more information about this in tomorrow’s newsletter.



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