St Alban’s Episcopal Church
Bolivar, Missouri
Monday, December 13, 2021

Pictures from Sunday’s amazing day! Eucharist Dinner and Share Your Christmas prep.
The day began early, when Kimby and the Rev. Jos Tharakan arrived at 7:00 AM to start chopping, stirring, and cooking dinner for everyone!

Eucharist followed – and sermon by Jos. and blessing of the bag and bags of gifts you brought – (to represent all of the 88 we will have filled by Tuesday afternoon.)New baby, Ellie slept through it all!
As soon as Ezra Whatley came in the building he asked, “Why do I smell garlic?” Dinner, my child, dinner!

On the way to communion, Will kept saying “cheese” until I took his picture, the rascal! And Bobby just kept giggling as he so often does – He knows what he cannot “know”

Dinner – Salad, bread, and chicken alfredo plus (very rose-colored) raspberry jello pie.
John Mark Williams, Cora Whatley, Amelia Grainger and the gang – You can see Melody Adams’ hat, even if you can’t see her and her family!

The Rev. Larry Lewis

Kimby Tharakan and Paula Shepard serving dinner to almost 50 people!

Then filling the bags – Debra Beal put Elijah charge of the hygiene items, but all of our middle school age kids were helpful – for the whole time! Eleanor Woosley, Xavier and Elijah Cox, and Olivia



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