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Saturday, August 6, 2022

a few things you may have missed this week

Happy Birthday, Amanda Whatley!

A few other things
I’ve seen some good things on the web this week. You may be familiar with Rev Benjamin Cremer. If not, you might want to get familiar with his writing. But listen to this: “Christianity should sound like, “my beliefs continue to deepen my love for others,” not, “the depth of my love for others is contingent on how deeply they conform to my beliefs.”

Today at Lambeth
About making Jesus-people, disciples of the Lord, rather than church members only: “A church that is not of peaceful revolution will be church only of history”

News in Astronomy
What might it mean to us if a newish theory, based on science suggests that “time does not actually ‘flow like a river’, rather, everything is ever-present?” Long ago Einstein suggested the same thing – “The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” What if time and events actually do move linearly for us, so that we can look back on our history or the world’s, but then pass by us and continue to exist and co-exist in different portions of space-time that we can’t easily access? What if in a very real way it’s true that the Exodus is always happening, that the Lord is always being born into our world, and that the resurrection always is – and that our future is in some incredible way already present in our now?

Jean Vincent
Tomorrow will be her first Sunday as our regular pianist/organist. She will need a little time to get used to this! Be patient. And helpful!



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