St Alban’s Episcopal Church
Bolivar, Missouri

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Advent – week 1
About that Advent family devotion booklet
Inside the front cover of the Advent booklet is a picture to download. If you haven’t, you still can. It’s a coloring page, and I know that sounds silly to some older kids – BUT it really is beautiful.
I had to get Minda and Xavier to figure out how to download it but we did and we printed it out – and I am so glad. It’s cooler than it looks. Minda colored in the little town of Bethlehem – We are using colored pencils – but you can use anything – even markers. And by Christmas it really will be beautiful.
WE STlLL HAVE SOME BOOKLETS IF YOU NEED THEM – You can even begin next week if you need to.

The Open House for the new Polk County Cares warming Center
There will be tours and refreshments at the open house on Friday this week (December 2) at NOON, The address is 404 W South Street, Bolivar.

Bolivar has needed this for a long tome -It will also be open tonight from 5 pm-9 am tomorrow for overnight guests.

If you know of someone who needs overnight shelter in this cold weather, please help them to get to the warming center before 7:30 pm. If there is no one by 7:30 they will close the center any night they are open. Volunteers don’t stay if no one needs the space to stay warm.
The Center also continues to need volunteers – and donations – Please contact them at

Trainings will be scheduled and you can choose when you can be available.
Donations needed: Men’s socks, hats, warm gloves, blankets, “hot hands,” snacks and drinks.

Volunteers: They need many different people to make this work – Some to provide rides to the center, one or two at a time to be there to greet people/ check-in, to spend the evening, to be there over night, to do laundry, or to help clean.

Individually we can’t provide shelter for those who are unhoused, but together we can prevent people for having to be outdoors on the coldest nights.



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