St Alban’s Episcopal Church
Bolivar, Missouri
Great photos from yesterday
Easter continues
Yesterday at St Alban’s
Sandy Sherry played the harp for Prelude, Offertory and Postlude Рand it was simply beautiful. Please check it out. All three videos are on the St Albans Facebook page and our website.

Fr. Chas Marks, rector of St Augustine’s in KC, read the gospel and preached – His excellent sermon is also on the website.

As always, our littlest two received the offering, had their hands washed, participated with me at the altar, and rang their Easter Alleluia bells continually. Most families were celebrating Mother’s Day and at least one was sick with COVID – but even though we were small, the music and mood were wonderfully celebrative. There’s a sweet video of the kids with their bells and crosses at the final hymn on the Facebook page.

Bishop Diane celebrates an anniversary
Thirteen years ago today our transitional bishop, +Diane was ordained and consecrated bishop in California. That was a gift to the whole church and has been a blessing to us in the Diocese of West Missouri, too!

The Meeting with Fr Chas after Church
A small group of mostly Bishop’s Committee members stayed after Church today to meet with Fr Chas about what they might expect after Mother Cathy retires in September. You should feel free to talk any of those who were present for their take on the conversation: Sandy Sherry, Becca Cox, Paula Shepard, Jolynn Hecht, Minda Cox, Gale Roberts, Louise Ritter, and Janet Wray.

Larry and Ruth Lewis
They have begun to settle into their new home in St Louis, and are doing well according to a deacon friend who has already visited them. It was weird to not see them in the pews yesterday. You should also know that they left us 10 % of the price they got for the house they sold in Osceola – $7,700.00. That was an unexpected and generous gift. They are elderly, they could have well used that money to secure their own comfort in St Louis. But they love you, believe in what you do and represent in Bolivar. We are grateful for this, and all the other, contributions they have made to us, financially, and in every other even more important way. Please continue to pray for them as they get settled and comfortable.



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